Selasa, 02 November 2010

Hari ke 2

Because yesterday is the first day of the month.

He did it, He started it…
He started with a journey on a loyal old jeep, all the way hundreds of kilometers from coast to coast.

Then He sent her a moon, a full moon on a clear sky, it was blur, but it was okay.

She said that it was just a phase…

The other day,an afternoon expense to the chemical store, where he got a brilliant idea about a promising career for the future.she was kinda like it, it was wicked…

And another short trip to some suburbs area with her best friends.

The old lady jeep just started to like him, cause she pouted the next day, when he wasn’t behind the wheel_ you rusty flirty old can!!_

And they met again, and  again, and another talked for hours and hours.

And he showed up again, and again, and again...

It was an unexpected gift, She said.

They were under the same star, under the same sun, and they both saw the moon in January sky,  and the fact that he could throw sarcastic remarks back as quickly as she could dish them.

Just thinking about him made her face burst into a smile.
He was exciting, and she couldn’t get enough. <3

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